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If your company conducts any part of its business operations at sea, you are no doubt aware of the threats posed to your liability for incidents that lead to the loss of life. There are many professions and trades that take place at sea, and the employees who occupy these positions are also aware of the dangers posed to them. Should an accident occur that results in death, Mooney Wieland is prepared to help your company defend its interest in a casualty investigation.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has a statutory mandate to investigate casualties that happen at sea because the information learned can be used to protect other mariners from harm. These investigations, however, can lead to civil or even criminal charges against employers if it is found that they were negligent in providing safety training, vessel upkeep, or any of a number of factors that could have contributed to someone’s death. Our job as your casualty investigation attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa is to protect your interests throughout the investigation process and respond to any legal action that may take place.

The Primary Purpose of USCG Casualty Investigations

When it comes to investigating deaths that occur at sea, USGS is primarily concerned with evaluating a casualty incident to identify how it occurred and whether or not a violation of federal laws or regulations contributed to the incident.

This is intended to see whether or not certain policies or practices in place contributed to the loss of life at sea and should herald a change in regulations to better protect mariners. A USGS casualty investigation is meant to promote the safety of life while at sea by learning how casualties occur and it does not function to determine civil liability in personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits between private litigants.

Private Casualty Investigations Can Protect Your Liability

As soon as you become aware of a death that occurred at sea during one of your business operations, contact our casualty investigation attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa. Mooney Wieland can help you defend your liability by proactively evaluating all of the factors that contributed to the incident.

By mitigating your responsibility for a death at sea, we can potentially reduce the risk of facing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.