Copyright law protects original expression in all forms of media, from print to digital. Any company that generates new content of any type needs to not just identify and protect its works, but also remain vigilant against infringement by others. Registering and maintaining copyrights also is part of any successful IP portfolio strategy.

Copyright Portfolio Analysis

Mooney Wieland’s attorneys have assisted clients in identifying and protecting their copyrightable works from software to product formulas and from architectural designs to audio-visual media. This process includes analyzing our clients’ current library of works and understanding their process for creating new works. We also examine our clients’ existing registration portfolio to determine where additional protection is needed.

Obtaining Copyright Registrations

The firm has obtained registrations from the U.S. Copyright Office on all manner of media for clients in many industries. By coordinating with our clients and their staff, we can create an efficient registration program to ensure automatic and up-to-date protection.

Infringement and Litigation

The firm is well prepared to pursue and defend copyright infringement cases to ensure competitors do not gain an unfair advantage over our clients. In cases of suspected infringement, our lawyers aggressively and efficiently enforce copyrights wherever needed, including the court system. Among our specialties is taking down infringing material on the internet. Our lawyers are experienced in sending Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices to the appropriate parties, such as website hosts, to swiftly remove infringing media, such as videos, articles, and product listings. The firm is therefore a good choice for goods manufacturers and distributors who need to prevent counterfeit products from permeating the market.

Our attorneys also vigorously defend clients accused of infringements. Often, infringement claims are simply attempts to intimidate competitors and stifle speech. We will stand up for our clients to obtain the best outcome possible.