For many companies, their name and brand are their most valuable assets. Threats to the company’s identity, or the identity of its products or services, can often be highly disruptive. Building a strong and defensible IP portfolio therefore always includes a strong and defensible trademark portfolio.

Trademark Portfolio Strategies

The firm consults closely with clients to identify brands, logos, names, and product lines and determine how to thoroughly protect them from appropriation and infringement. We then formulate a strategy to build a portfolio around those trademarks that is not only defensible, but profitable. A well-structured trademark portfolio generates far more economic value if it is well defended and structured. We have represented clients in diverse industries, from clothing manufacturers, to software companies, to food and beverage providers.

Trademark Registration

Almost every trademark portfolio involves a thoughtful and thorough registration strategy. Our attorneys are experienced in obtaining trademark registrations from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as from overseas governments. We also advise clients on expanding and maintaining their trademark registrations.

Infringement and Litigation

Unfortunately, among the most common legal issues businesses encounter center around trademark infringement. Our attorneys are adept at enforcing our clients’ rights against infringers, including especially online. Although there is no uniform U.S. statute to facilitate this process, our attorneys are experienced in alternative strategies to protect branding and product identity on the internet. We employ aggressive strategies to cause not just the infringers themselves but also their website hosts to promptly remove infringing media and product listings from websites in many different industries.

When necessary, our lawyers also are prepared to defend and prosecute trademark infringement claims in court. Often, trademark disputes are simply a veiled effort by one company to hinder competition. We stand up for our clients and obtain the best possible results in all cases.