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Every state has a wide latitude of control when it comes to how wine, beer, and liquor sales are made. On top of that, the federal government enforces a complex system of taxation, labeling, and bottling regulations – especially on beverage producers. Our attorneys at Mooney Wieland can help guide you through these complex requirements.

Starting or Expanding a Distillery, Brewery, or Winery

Our alcoholic beverage industry lawyers in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa assist alcoholic beverage manufacturers in U.S. states and territories get the permits and intellectual property they need to open new facilities or expand existing operations.

Specifically, we can assist in applying for Brewers’ Notices, Distilled Spirits Plant Permits, and Winery Permits with the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). We have never failed to obtain a necessary permit from the TTB for our clients.

After our clients are up and running, we assist with obtaining the certificate of label approval (COLA) for each new alcoholic beverage product. For all clients at every stage of development, Mooney Wieland’s attorneys can also help obtain the registered trademarks and other intellectual property they need to protect their brands in this competitive industry.

Licensure at the State Level

With our extensive experience in Idaho and American Samoa, we can also help obtain and defend government-issued permits for manufacturers and retailers.

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