About Us

About Us

Mooney Wieland: A Personal Touch & Global Reach

After years of working at high-profile corporate firms, Mooney Wieland’s partners decided it was time to forge a new path together. They sought to create a boutique law firm that focused on building meaningful business relationships with their clients by providing personalized legal counsel and services.

What Mooney Wieland offers to clients is a better chance of reaching a favorable outcome in their business disputes by working with attorneys who care about earning your trust, remaining transparent about your situation, and tirelessly working to help you achieve the best possible results.

Our firm operates on a global basis from Boise, Idaho and Pago Pago, American Samoa. Despite the thousands of miles between our offices, our attorneys are unified in responding to our clients’ legal disputes nearly anywhere in the world. We have deep roots in each location and our attorneys are especially connected to the communities they serve. They offer their knowledge and experience to help business owners resolve legal disputes and prevent them from happening by developing proactive legal solutions.

Simply put, Mooney Wieland is uniquely positioned to help businesses with whatever legal assistance they need, wherever they are.

Our Connection to Idaho

Boise is becoming a hub for business operations seeking a start or expansion in the Mountain West. As these enterprises grow to strengthen the region’s economy from Idaho’s capital city, they may inevitably face legal challenges they need to overcome.

Whether it’s a dispute in business law, employment law, intellectual property law, alcoholic beverages law, or another matter concerning business, our attorneys are capable of assisting clients from our downtown offices in Boise.

Serving American Samoa

Located in the island capital city, Pago Pago, our American Samoa office supports businesses when they need toestablish or expand their operations in the Pacific region. Our practice in American Samoa is the continuation of a firm founded in 1994 as Rose Joneson Vargas

Leveraging Technology for Our Clients

You deserve the best possible legal representation, and we at Mooney Wieland believe that means using technology and digital tools to fight for your interests. We are actively changing the way law id practiced by bringing technology to the center of our businesses.

There is a growing number of tech companies, like Cicayda, building tools to help lawyers like us secure the best possible chances of success for clients like you. We have partnered several of these companies to augment our services and capability to respond to your legal challenge with speed, efficiency, and from new perspectives.

Some ways we’ve brought technology into the fold include:

  • Digital Asset Management – Our partnership with Cicayda and other companies provides us with the means to effortlessly collect important documents from you on a remote basis. The tools we use ensure the process meets legal requirements for investigation. We can also defer to traditional methods of document acquisition and management if these better suit you.
  • Cloud Storage & Discovery Review Analytics – By partnering with Cicayda, we are also able to optimize our efficiency when it comes to organizing, managing, and reviewing documents submitted for discovery. Analytics tools can also provide us with unique insights into data or trends among discovery materials that can help us identify opportunities for your success.
  • Document Production – Our document review system exists on the cloud and works in real-time, meaning that it’s easy and fast for us to prepare documents for production or withholding with ease.

Why Choose Mooney Wieland

  • Decades of Experience in diverse areas of law.
  • Aggressive & dedicated representation.
  • Focused on building client relationships & case success.