Business in American Samoa

American Samoa’s Economy

The economy of American Samoa is largely based on the distant-water tuna processing industry, support for the tuna boat fleets, and government transfers. Pago Pago Harbor is an excellent deep-water port and, after more than 50 years of industrial activity, the territory has developed high-level infrastructure (telecommunications, electricity, water, port, airport, roads, etc.) to support economic activity.

Most U.S. environmental and labor laws apply in the territory, but the minimum wage is considerably lower than the U.S. minimum wage. Income and wages are much lower in American Samoa than in the U.S. but are higher than income and wages in most South Pacific nations.

Establishing a business in the territory is often more difficult than in U.S. states, where processes are systematized and often available online. Mooney Wieland Warren frequently supports business owners in navigating the applicable American Samoa Governmental agencies to establish or expand operations and ensure continued regulatory compliance.