Offering Commercial Law Services throughout Idaho

As companies look to expand operations in the Mountain West, Boise is becoming one of the fastest-growing and most desirable cities in America. Located downtown in Idaho’s beautiful capital city, Mooney Wieland Warren Boise provides a broad array of commercial legal services to clients ranging from mid-size companies to international corporations.

Our Idaho business attorneys and litigators practice in the areas of commercial litigation, insurance and tort defense, employment law, creditors’ rights, corporate law, intellectual property law, alcoholic beverage law, and much more. Although we generally are lead counsel in both litigation and transactional matters, we also serve as local counsel for out-of-state and international companies.

What We Can Do for Our Clients

Mooney Wieland Warren’s Idaho business and litigation attorneys are prepared to assist corporate, organizational, and other clients with legal matters involving the following and more:

From entity formation to complex contract negotiations and commercial litigation, we provide the full range of legal services required to help Idaho business navigate transactional and litigation matters in the state and surrounding region.

Economic Climate in Idaho

Idaho’s capital city, Boise, is located in the southwest corner of the state in the Treasure Valley region. Although the Boise metro area is the most remote metro area in the lower 48, its moderate climate and pristine natural surroundings have attracted professionals and entrepreneurs from around the country.

The Treasure Valley economy is among the most diverse in America. It is based on light manufacturing, agriculture, financial services, government, healthcare, and a rapidly growing technology sector. Large local employers include two major hospitals, Boise State University, Micron Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Clearwater Analytics, Simplot, Lamb Weston, Albertsons, and WinCo. In and around the Treasure Valley are dozens of local breweries and wineries, including the Sunnyslope wine region to the west.

The Boise area is among the fastest growing in the country. Its population is projected to grow at 1.4 percent annually through 2025 and to maintain robust economic growth during that time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that Idaho has the nation’s third highest anticipated job growth rate. The Treasure Valley has excellent infrastructure, low electricity costs, and high-speed fiber optic internet. However, in addition to diverse commercial and industrial sectors, strong growth in the area is due at least in part to significant in-migration of remote workers looking for higher quality of life.

Although Idaho is rapidly modernizing, it is still a western state at heart. This means most industries are lightly regulated and taxes are relatively low. Idaho also has a well-structured code and a predictable commercial legal climate. Idaho’s legislature typically adopts the most recent iterations of uniform laws, including the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act and the Uniform Business Organizations Code.

Idaho’s Legal System

Idaho’s judicial system is divided into seven judicial districts, which in turn maintain district courts in each county. Because many remote counties are sparsely populated, some judges hold court in more than one county. The district courts generally handle larger civil disputes and felony criminal proceedings. The magistrate divisions of the district courts handle family-law disputes, lower-level criminal cases, and small civil matters. All Idaho counties now accept electronic court filings and judges routinely permit telephonic and remote video court appearances. Accordingly, Mooney Wieland Warren is well equipped to handle litigation anywhere in the state from its Boise offices.

All appeals from the district courts are made directly to the Idaho Supreme Court, which comprises five justices sitting in Boise. The Idaho Supreme Court will retain some of the appeals and send the rest to the Idaho Court of Appeals, the intermediate appellate court. The Idaho Court of Appeals, comprising four judges, sits in the same Boise courthouse as the Supreme Court. Litigants can seek further appeal to the Supreme Court from the Court of Appeals.