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Whether your company is defending against multiparty legal action or among numerous plaintiffs in a lawsuit, Mooney Wieland Warren PLLC can help you protect your interests in court.

Lawsuits that involve more than one plaintiff manifest as either a class action lawsuit or multidistrict litigation. Plaintiffs in these cases often sue one or more defendants who are allegedly responsible for similar injuries or rights violations experienced by the plaintiffs.

Whether your company or organization is the subject of a single large lawsuit or many smaller ones, or you are involved as a plaintiff in any of these, we can help. Mooney Wieland Warren PLLC’s attorneys for class actions and multidistrict litigation in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa have the experience and skill it takes to pursue or defend our clients’ interests in large legal contests like these.

Class Action Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit is often a single complaint filed by a few parties on behalf of a large group of plaintiffs who allege that they share similar harm caused by one or more defendants.

Each plaintiff could file individually, but consolidating their complaints into a single legal action has its benefits. For one, it can broaden the chance of success by raising the stakes considerably, dissuading defendants from litigating as aggressively as they otherwise would.

Some class-action claims will end up in the state court system, but many will be heard in federal courts should the complaints deal with an alleged violation or question of federal law or parties of different states. Regardless of venue, the first question in such cases is whether a class exists—if it does, then the plaintiffs who brought the suit can take on a representative role for others in the class, even if those others are unaware the lawsuit is happening. If the class-action plaintiffs are successful in obtaining class certification and demonstrating colorable claims, defendants frequently agree to a global settlement that binds all members of the class. Whether you need legal representation in state or federal court, Mooney Wieland Warren PLLC’s class action litigation attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa are here to provide clear legal guidance.

Multidistrict Litigation

While class action lawsuits begin as many different plaintiffs coming together to file a common complaint, the process is a little different in multidistrict litigation. In this scenario, there are many different lawsuits about a similar issue that have already been filed by different plaintiffs.

The goal of multidistrict litigation is to bring many similar cases together to conduct common pre-trial proceedings such as discovery and dispositive motion practice. There will often be “bellwether” cases selected to proceed because they are representative of the bulk of other cases. Defendants in these cases may make decisions about settlement based on how the bellwether plaintiffs perform. If these plaintiffs appear to have meritorious claims, multidistrict lawsuits often end in a global settlement much like a class-action settlement. However, these settlements are usually voluntary for other plaintiffs. Individual plaintiffs can opt out but usually choose not to because either they lack resources to pursue their own suits or the amount in dispute is not high enough to justify separate litigation. Even so, multidistrict litigation is a method by which defendants can mitigate expense by avoiding defense of numerous lawsuits at the same time.

We Can Provide Legal Assistance in Class-Action Cases and Multidistrict Litigation

No matter how your company or organization is involved in a class action lawsuit or a multidistrict litigation matter, our attorneys at Mooney Wieland Warren PLLC can work toward achieving the best possible result for you. Our lawyers have decades of combined litigation experience that we can leverage to develop a comprehensive legal strategy and identify options that can increase your odds of success.

Our proactive legal assistance means we’ll approach matters concerning your interests with solutions that can address current problems, while minimizing the impact or risks of those in the future.

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