Corporate Law

Corporate Law Attorneys in Boise

Advising Clients through Idaho & American Samoa

As a business owner, you’re keenly aware of how much legal framework surrounds your business. Everything from how your company’s structured to its, contracts, relationships with employees, and more surround everything you do as a business owner. Don’t reveal a liability problem by getting a loose end snagged.

A business is a complicated entity that requires unique consideration for its legal situation at all times. At Mooney Wieland, we work hard to ensure our clients can accomplish their goals for tightening up their liability and engaging in complicated legal maneuvers to bring out the best that their businesses have to offer.

Our corporate law attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa are capable of providing legal counsel and service for business of all sizes: From small startups to international corporations, we have what it takes to offer effective advice and services that can help business owners manage, expand, or divest from their companies.

What We Can Do for You

Mooney Wieland offers a comprehensive approach to providing corporate law services in Idaho and American Samoa. This is a wide area of law involving various matters related to:

  • General corporate functions
  • Corporate transactions
  • Securities laws

Our services can help your company with important matters such as:

  • Business Formation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divestitures and Dispositions
  • Business Sales
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Startup Counseling
  • Employment and Consulting Agreements
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance for Any Regulations Affecting Your Business

Are You Starting a New Business?

Whether this is your first time building a new company or you’ve done it before, it’s always advisable to have an attorney work with you through the business formation process. Most companies form as corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, but other options can have a more or less favorable impact on your company’s tax liability and your personal liability for the company’s debts.

Our experienced corporate law attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa can walk you through the process of creating a new business so you can rest assured that you’re starting on the right foot from the ground-up. Doing so could protect your personal liability and company’s liability for future events that may be difficult to imagine right now.

Let Us Handle Your Company’s Contracts

Contracts are the cornerstones of business – take a second to consider all of those your company is involved with. Each represents an exchange of obligations between your company, other businesses, the government, employees and independent contractors, and many other kinds of people and entities.

Each provision of each contract is a liability factor. With help from our corporate law attorneys in Boise and American Samoa, you can rest assured that an experienced legal professional is looking out for your interests. Should we discover unfavorable provisions or contracts riddled with loopholes, Mooney Wieland can help you revise, draft, and negotiate new legal agreements that treat you and your business more fairly.