Real Property Litigation

Real Property Litigation Attorneys in Boise

Fighting for Clients in Real Estate Disputes in Idaho & American Samoa

If you’re a business owner whose portfolio includes real estate and land, chances are your livelihood depends on keeping your interests in your real property secure. At Mooney Wieland, we represent business owners and landowners in many different kinds of real estate matters. Should you need to assert your rights or defend them by taking legal action, we can assist you.

Our attorneys can litigate on behalf of clients for the following and more:

  • Ownership and title disputes
  • Boundary disagreements
  • Adverse possession
  • Boundary by acquiescence
  • Suits for partition

We can also assist in claims involving homeowners associations, developers, and property owner rights. Should you have a legal problem involving real estate not listed above, we may be able to assist you. The above list is not a comprehensive breakdown of all that our property litigation attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa can handle for our clients.

Helping Property Owners in Idaho & American Samoa

Mooney Wieland can help property owners throughout Idaho fight to assert their rights or defend against claims affecting their property. Our lawyers are keenly aware of how important it is to ensure your interests in your real estate are secure, and we’ll work with you to create a personalized legal strategy that can help you protect them.

Our real property litigation attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa are diligent, thorough, and aggressive litigators who will work hard for you. We believe in communicating as clearly as possible with our clients in regards to their legal situation and available options. Although our firm is relatively new, our attorneys have decades of combined experience that make Mooney Wieland the premier option available to business owners and landowners like you.

Do You Wish to Avoid Litigation?

Not all disputes involving real estate have to be settled in court. Many times – more often than not, in fact – business disputes involving land and real property are settled out of court via arbitration.

Our real property litigation attorneys in Boise, Idaho and American Samoa are prepared to fight for you in court, but if you wish to seek a less contentious means of dispute resolution, we can also facilitate an arbitration with your opposition.